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Convert transaction to EMI


You can convert this transaction to EMI by simply sending the following email to

You can convert your transaction to EMI post purchase on but before billing of transactions on your credit card only.

Minimum transaction value should be ₹ 2,500/- EMI tenure will be either 6months or 12 months only Rate of Interest will be 18% per annum. Please note that rate if interest is subject to change without prior notice.Email needs to be sent from your registered Email ID only.

Please note that if for some reason your transactions are not approved by the bank. You will have the option to cancel the order or return the product. In this case the product return policy rules will apply.

Draft of Email to be sent by customer for converting a transaction to EMI

Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to convert my Bank of Baroda credit card transaction to EMI. My details are as follows

Credit card number ________________________

Name on the Credit Card ______________________

Rs. _________ (Total value of transaction) Value in words: Rs._________________________

Installment duration _______ ( You can choose from 6 or 12 Months)

Rate of interest 18% per annum.

Purchased from

Thanks & Regards,

(Name of Card Holder and Mobile Number)